The origin of the entertainment industry is based on the roots of the theatre. That is why we encourage and continue the tradition of stage production. Practice makes Perfect...
2004 FITLA Festival @ L.A. Theater Center

Play by Yasmina Reza
Trans. Maria E. Muniz
Directed by Manolo Travieso

Serge - Armando Di Lorenzo
Marc - Oscar Torre
Ivan - Jon Molerio


The comedy, which raises questions about art and friendship, concerns three long-time friends, Serge, Marc and Yvan. Serge, indulging his penchant for modern art, buys a large, expensive, completely white painting. Marc is horrified, and their relationship suffers considerable strain as a result of their differing opinions about what constityres "art".Yvan, caught in the middle of the conflict, tries to please and mollify both of them