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La Bodeguita del Medio
June 2009
Directed by Manolo Travieso

Joseph Bertot (Beny)
Raul Avila (Varilla)
Laimarie Serrano(Celia)


A liberal adaptation of the play "Delirio Habanero" by Alberto Pedro. In "La Bodeguita del Medio", three homeless people who believe they are famous Latin entertainers, meet every night at a famous and historic Cuban bar. In it, they find refuge from the everyday hostile environment that surrounds them. Through their musical talent, these three characters invite us to be a part of the fantasies and stories they share with each other every night. Celia Cruz, Beny Moré and the legendary Barman Varilla, the true inventor of the mojito, are reincarnated each night at La Bodeguita until one night they are confronted by reality.