Now more than ever, more people have access to latin-based programming. With this in mind, our show's concepts blur the line between language barriers, making our programs more appealing for the masses. "Hey that's Cool..."
Directed by Manolo Travieso
Executive Producers: Abdel Tornes and Manolo Travieso
Director of Photography, Benjamin Lopez
2ND Camera Unit Dir. Christopher Garcia
Story Adviser: Jon Molerio
Editors: Andres Baez and Benjamin Lopez

"From the producer of MTV's Snoop Dog's "Fatherhood", TLC's top rated reality "Miami Ink,", and Oxygen's new "Coolio's Rules," comes Abdel Tornes to team up with Travieso productions in "Managing Hollywood." This hour reality show is the story of Armando Malagon, a rich business man attempting to open a new talent agency in Hollywood, with no real understanding of how the entertainment business works; he will start from scratch and make it happen at all costs. His reasons... to make his wife a famous star and make money.